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  • How much money do you spend to maintain your Material Handling Fleet?
  • Do you know what your utilization cost is per each unit?
  • Do you have too few or too many units in your fleet?
  • Is every unit being used to maximum efficiency?
  • Are your operators trained to operate your equipment safely?
  • Do you know what it costs you to maintain a parts inventory?
  • Are your people skilled at inventory management?
  • Do you have the right equipment to support your application?
  • Do you have a reporting system that shows your fleet usage costs?
No one knows Fleet Management better than a company that has a fleet of over 600 units that are operating at 85% utilization, & are performing in every type of application you can imagine.

Our Pittsburgh based Rental fleet is monitored to determine part usage & component wear. We know when to replace components in order to prevent costly down time. We know when to replace the units because they have exceeded the economic life of the vehicle . We have accumulated data that enables us to determine maintenance costs per hour for any type of application.

Acquisition cost of your equipment is just a small portion of the overall Material Handling costs. Getting these costs identified and managed is a difficult job. Phillips Corp Fleet Management Services can help you manage your fleet by helping you to identify where and how you are spending your Material Handling dollars.

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On average, companies have 10% to 20% more units in operation than are required to do the job.

Short term rental units are often used to address shortages created by excessive downtime.

Lift trucks are often sourced through multiple vendors, limiting flexibility related to equipment rotation and re-location.

Many companies do not have scheduled or preventative maintenance programs for their lift truck fleets.

Lift truck fleets typically consist of a diverse mixture of brands, requiring an extensive inventory of parts to support them.

Record keeping regarding lift truck maintenance is generally poor or non-existent.